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30 Young Actresses You’d Love to Date

Modern representatives of the cinematographic art – do not just have a cute face and sexy body. They have everything: beauty, charm, photogenic, luck, sense of purpose. Absolutely all the most attractive actresses in the world are girls who were bestowed by the gods with lots of talent and beauty.

Redheads, blondes, brunettes, blue-eyed and brown-eyed actresses – there is no difference, they are all beautiful in their own way and it is impossible to choose the best of them. Thus, we’ve had our own preferences, don’t be too hard on the way we’ve listed these most beautiful women.

1. Gemma Arterton

Gemma Arterton is one of the Young Actresses You'd Love to Date

Oh, Gemma. One of James Bond’s many girlfriends (with the best name in the world – Strawberry Fields), Tess and Lizzie Bennet, the heroine of both blockbusters and many art-house films. Gemma – a graduate of the Royal Theater Academy, who played on the Glove stage.

Arterton is equally good in nostalgic, and in modern roles; She has great screen presence both while being agile and running around with a crossbow and while playing an old person. And she seems to have the sunniest smile in all of Britain.

2. Kristina Asmus

Kristina Asmus is one of the Young Actresses You'd Love to Date

The role of the self-confident, very charming and modest Varvara Chernous brought glory to Kristina Asmus. In the plot of the series, she starts a romance with an arrogant intern, thousands of Russian viewers watched the way their love developed throughout the series. Unfortunately, after working for three years in the TV series Interns, Kristina decides to leave it due to the fact that the contract limited her freedom with invisible chains and prevented her from building a personal life.

3. Jessica Brown Findlay

Jessica Brown Findlay is one of the Young Actresses You'd Love to Date

Remember that episode from the Downton Abbey? I mean, I don’t know of a single person who hasn’t cried at the end of that episode. Because Lady Sybil was our favorite. Kind, wise, sincerely loving, she was a true link between servants and masters in the house, and not only because of her relationship with Tom Branson. Therefore, it was a special pleasure to see Jessica pop up on the Black Mirror (a must-see show by the way!) and the Outcast.

4. Karen Gillan

karen gillan sexy looking in latest magazine photoshoot

The beauty from Scotland by the name Karen broke into our hearts in 2009, when she first appeared on the screen in the role of Amy Pond, a companion of the eleventh Doctor Who. Immediately and forever after, Amy Pond was a miracle, and it was impossible not to look into her wide-open eyes.

After the “Doctor”, Karen temporarily said goodbye to her gorgeous hair to play the role of Nebula in “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

5. Sophie Turner

sophie turner as Sansa Stark game of thrones

Let’s be honest, for a young actress by the name Sophie Turner, the red-haired Sansa Stark became a ticket to the world of big cinema. Therefore, we, of course, condemn the writers for all the things they did to her heroine, but, on the flip side, the role jumpstarted her career big time. Sophie admits that she grew up with Sansa and it was hard for her to even think of any other role, she was still quite shy. But that didn’t stop her from starring in “X-Men: Dark Phoenix.”

Sophie is a gorgeous young lady and if you want to have a girlfriend like her, then be sure to visit the following website and meet local women right now.

6. Megan Fox

Megan Fox is one of the Young Actresses You'd Love to Date

She is a hot American beauty, who isn’t by no means new to lists like this one. Most often, she is recognized by the main roles in the movies like “Ninja Turtles” and “Transformers”. Back in school, she managed to try herself in acting. At the age of 15, she was offered a role in the movie Holiday in the Sun. Her career only went up from that point, she starred in 24 movies after her debut and there seems to be no stopping her.

7. Chloe Moretz

Chloe Moretz is one of the Young Actresses You'd Love to Date

She is a young and successful film actress, who is also a model, the face of the fashion brand Aéropostale. Chloe Grace Moretz was born in Atlanta. Her family was quite a rich one, as her father was a plastic surgeon and her mother worked as a nurse. Chloe has four wonderful brothers. She began her career in Hollywood. Chloe received the cameo role of Violet in the TV series “The Guardian”. The actress truly shined in the 2004 movie “The

Amityville Horror” in the role of Chelsea Lutz. For her talent and the quality of her performance, she was nominated for the Young Actor Award. In addition to the Hollywood horror and action, she tried herself in numerous series.

8. Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is one of the Young Actresses You'd Love to Date


A young American actress jumpstarted her career after starring in the widely-acclaimed TV series called The Black Donnellys, in which she played the role of Jenny Reilly. However, she earned worldwide popularity thanks to her great performance in the famous TV series “Doctor House”. After that, she starred in 10 TV series and 30 movies.

9. Eve Hewson

Eve Hewson is one of the Young Actresses You'd Love to Date

When you are relatively new to the business, yet you have a talent for being a great actress right after your first few performances – it is clear that her success is not just a result of her father’s influence.

She is the daughter of Bono and Ali Hewson, after finishing college, she wanted to start performing, yet her parents were against her passion at first. She made her acting her in the movie called “Lost and Found”, and then she also played a role in “The 27 Club”. Then she entered the New York Film Academy. She hasn’t been a part of as many projects as some of the other women on this list, but she is quite a talented actress and a very attractive lady.

10. Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley is one of the Young Actresses You'd Love to Date

Keira is a very beautiful British actress who amazes the viewers not only with her appearance but also with her talented performances. By starring in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” she got all of the fame and respect in the world. She then began to learn the craft of being an actress and become better, thankfully her debut made a lasting impression.

Kira also became a double Oscar nominee. From early childhood, the girl had a very strong desire to become an actress, plunge into the world of cinema. She then starred in two sequels to the Pirates of the Caribbean, and in the movies like Begin Again, Anna Karenina, Pride & Justice, The Duchess, Last Night, and London Boulevard.

11. Cara Delevingne

cara delevingne sexy hot as hell in these 21 pics

First of all, we know Cara as a successful top model, who, in different periods of life, advertised Burberry Beauty, Topshop, DKNY, Zara and various other products. She recently signed a contract with the YSL brand and became the face of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté … Secondly, Delevingne regularly attracts the attention of the tabloids with her antics. It seems like she has a drug problem, kisses Sienna Miller, and then meets Michelle Rodriguez.

She also has lots of famous relatives. Her grandpa is the former head of the English Heritage State Commission, her sister is Poppy Delevingne.

12. Kristen Stewart

13. Daisy Ridley

14. Katie Cassidy

15. Lea Michel

16. Mike Monroe

17. Mackenzie Foy

18. Nikki Reed

19. Nicola Peltz

20. Taissa Farmiga

21. Willow Shields

22. Hailee Steinfeld

23. Brie Larson

24. Shailene Woodley

25. Evan Rachel Wood

26. Elizabeth Olsen

27. Allison Williams

28. Elle Fanning

29. Emma Roberts

30. Zoe Kravitz

Written by Shelbi Shendon

Some of the great words for Shelbi are funny and hardworking.

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