KZ ZS10 Pro

The KZ ZS10 Pro is an in-ear monitor (IEM) that features a hybrid driver configuration consisting of 4 balanced armature drivers and 1 dynamic driver. Here are some pros and cons based on my analysis:


  • Impressive sound quality with clear, detailed, and balanced sound signature.
  • Wide soundstage and good instrument separation.
  • Comfortable fit with multiple ear tip options and detachable cable design.
  • Affordable price point compared to other IEMs with similar specs.
  • Solid build quality with a sleek design.


  • The cable is a bit stiff and prone to tangling.
  • The fit may not be suitable for all ear shapes and sizes, as some users may experience discomfort or difficulty in achieving a secure seal.
  • The carrying case is not very protective and may not provide enough shock absorption.

Posted by Shelbi Shendon

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